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Mount Amiata

relaxing walks and ski slopes

Splendid views, overflowing nature and clear skies.


This is the summary of Mount Amiata, which was originally a volcano, nestled in the heart of Tuscany between the provinces of Siena and Grosseto. A tourist destination not to be underestimated, both in summer and winter: during the summer, in fact, it is possible to spend wonderful days outdoors walking along the numerous paths in the area, while six months later Amiata is tinged with white, allowing ski and snowboard enthusiasts to practice their favorite sport. A destination for four seasons therefore, without forgetting the fact that we are in Tuscany, in an area which, Mount Amiata aside, showcases the famous rolling hills, the vineyards, the rows of vines and everything that makes this region one of the tourist destinations favored by travelers from all over the world.


By spending a holiday in these parts you can therefore combine a visit to one of the highest and most impressive peaks in central Italy with the discovery of the classic Tuscan panoramas, for a truly unique and winning mix in the name of nature.




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